REVER - Religion, Territories, Networks and Flows

REVER n.º 3 | 2019

Call open until 30-06-2019

The research on the correlations between human ways of inhabiting space and religious practices/representations has a long tradition in Religious Studies. In the reflection on prehistoric religions, and in the study of the origins of religious traditions or the mapping of itineraries of religious dissemination, the problem of religious’ use or appropriation of space emerges unavoidably.

The study objects in this realm concern both the long endurance of cultures and the more recent dynamics of social change. Contemporary societies have become more diverse – because of the increase of mobility and of the flow of people and ideas, or the expansion of metropolitan territories or network communication –, being characterized by an unprecedented plurality of religious worldviews. In this context, in different disciplines, researchers speak about the end of solid local territoriality whilst a social framework where it was possible to find immediately for each person, object or event a stable network of meaning associated to a specific place. Territories’ new grammars have a significant impact on the morphology of the religious field.

Within this thematic scope, the Revista de Estudos da Religião (Journal of Religious Studies) is particularly interested in pluri, inter and transdisciplinary contributions that explore the following topics:

  • Community, identity and territory;
  • Climate, cultures and religions;
  • Spatial  dissemination of the religious – networks and flows;
  • History and geography in religious traditions;
  • Territoriality and strategies of space sacralization;
  • Transnational dynamics and networks of religious sociability;
  • Religion, security and human mobility;
  • Network communication and new religious sociabilities.

Coordination: Margarida Franca and Jorge Botelho Moniz