REVER - Religion, Memory and Identity in Europe

REVER n.º 3 | 2018

Call open until 08-10-2018

Within the scope of the celebrations of 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the Institute for Religion Studies at UCP is dedicating the third issue of volume 18 of its Journal of Religion Studies (REVER 2018 nº 3) to the debates around the topic “Religion, Memory and Identity in Europe”.

At a time when religious issues have occupied a central role in the public agenda in multiple and diverse ways, it is urgent to discuss the relevance of religious memory in the processes of cultural transmission and identity formation. Memory cannot be reduced to one single root; it always comprises a memory of memories, which, in the context of multiple modernities, has to consider the transnational and global flows of the religious. At the same time, memory cannot be addressed as a fossil, as it continually engages in dialogue with forgetting and inventing.

Papers on the following topics are particularly welcome for this issue:

  • Community and identity, conflict and negotiation;
  • Religious heritage and cultural transmission;
  • The political regulation of diversity: maps of secularism;
  • The geography of comparative secularism;
  • The reversibility of the religious in motion: flows between South and North;
  • Religion, memory and identity: lexicons, concepts, theories and models for research.

Note: Articles must be original, in Portuguese, English or Spanish.